What Home from Home wrote about the 2012 Yoga Challenge

Yogaway/Home from Home 30 Day Yoga Challenge

In 2011 Home from Home teamed up with Yogaway Yoga and Pilates Studio in Newlands to hold a 30 Day Yoga Challenge to be held through the month of August. The purpose of this event was to challenge people to commit to practice every day for 30 days, either at classes or on their own, and by getting themselves sponsored by family and friends, to raise funds for Home from Home.

Home from Home (HFH) provides supported and supervised community-based foster care for orphaned, abused, neglected and vulnerable children through a network of small, family homes in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. At present we have the capacity to care for up to 170 children in our 28 homes which are located across twelve disadvantaged communities in the Western Cape, including two specialized homes for profoundly disabled children.

In 2011 30 people signed up to do the Challenge, with a target of raising R3,000 each. Classes were held at Yogaway, and additional classes were given free by guest teachers. At the end of the month, an incredible R122,000 had been raised. This went to run our new Home from Home in Westlake, where six very vulnerable children live with their foster mother. In 2012 the Yogaway/Home from Home 30 Day Yoga Challenge extended further, to encourage other yoga studios to get involved and Virgin Active also came behind the Challenge, offering space over the weekends for free classes so that no classes would have to be held at Yogaway. In 2012, a total of 50 participants completed the Challenge, and an amazing R144,000 was raised. This will be covering the running costs of the first Westlake home and an additional home which will be built this year. It is hoped that the 2013 Yoga Challenge will encourage an even greater number of participants and yoga studios, helping to take yoga off the mat, and into the community.

Whilst other yoga studios in Cape Town sometimes offer 30 day challenges, these are almost always self-motivated – to encourage people to practice solely for themselves, with no benefit to the wider community. The Yogaway/Home from Home 30 Day Yoga Challenge is the first collaboration of its kind to make the practice of yoga selfless, and about enhancing the lives of those less fortunate, rather than being about people simply challenging themselves physically. There is no doubt that the ongoing success of this collaboration is due to in enormous selfless input and dedication of the owner of Yogaway and the teachers and students who she inspires to become involved in the practice of ‘Seva’ – the act of selfless service. We sincerely hope that this annual Challenge will continue for many years to come and it will spread, encouraging more and more people to use yoga to benefit the lives of those less fortunate than them within their local community.

YogaWay Home from Home Yoga Challenge goes the extra mile for new foster home in Westlake

yogaway self practice audio speaker  Play Yoga Challenge Self Practice

Following last year’s incredibly successful Yoga Challenge, Yogaway Yoga and Pilates Studio in Newlands will once again be teaming up with Home from Home to hold the second 30 Day Yoga Challenge during the month of August.

In 2011, 30 participants all signed up and committed to practice Yoga for 30 days in August, and commit to raise funds for Home from Home’s new house in Westlake. A fundraising target of R90,000 was set, and in the end an incredible total of over R120,000 was raised.

The 2012 Challenge will start once again on August 1st, and willing participants are preparing with the Challenge in mind for this year’s event. Classes will be held at Yogaway Studio, but participants may also do classes elsewhere, or even at home, as long as their Challenge card is signed by a teacher or witness. Sunset Beach Yoga Studio have also joined up with us for the month, and have got a great group of ‘Challengers’ ready to start there too.

Virgin Active Claremont, have also come on board, letting us hold our weekend classes there at 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday throughout the month of August. They are also very kindly allowing non-members who are doing the Challenge to come to these classes, as well as people who want to come and do the classes on a donation basis, who aren’t able to do the whole Challenge but want to take part some how. (We would love other studios or individuals to join the Challenge. Where they practice – at home with a self practice, at a participating Studio, or another studio, or at Virgin Active if they are a member –isn’t important, its the commitment to the 30 Day Challenge and raising funds for Home from Home.)

How it works

Each participant gets a sign up card to be signed on every day that they take part. Obviously, it can be difficult to get people doing a self-practice to get their card signed always – but we are trusting individuals! Due to people going away and other commitments, there will always be times when people have to self-practice in various locations, and last year we had a wonderful collection of photos sent to us of people practicing is some wonderful venues – in the bush, in the snow, up a mountain. It would be great to add to the photo collection this year!

We know it can be difficult to know WHAT to practice when you practice alone, so, this year we are working on a Podcast of a 35 minute practice which you can download on to a cd or to your ipod or phone so you can just unroll your mat and press play! We are also putting up the same practice in PDF format to print. This is the same sequence that Melissa at Yogaway has been teaching in the week running up to Challenge so you will be familiar with all the Asana.

Final Weekend

We would love to encourage everyone who is taking part to come together for one big group practice on the last weekend Sunday 26th August of The Challenge, at Virgin Claremont and people are also very welcome to drop in to do classes at Yogaway, Newlands, at the special rate of R40 per class for the month for those who’ve signed up to do The Challenge. Check out the Yogaway Timetable.

International Participation

We encourage international participants also to join up with us ‘in spirit’ if not in practice. We can send them all the information electronically so this isn’t an issue.

Are you new to yoga?

For those new to Yoga, or who only do a class or two a week, this gives them an incredible opportunity to really take their practice to a new level and to find their own Challenge.


For others, who are more experienced Yogis who practice regularly, this will give you the opportunity to practice ‘seva’ (selfless service).

Your Commitment

We ask all participants to commit to raise funds for the non-profit organisation, Home from Home, which runs small community homes for orphans, abused and vulnerable children. To read more about Home from Home, please visit the website www.homefromhome.org.za . A suggested amount to raise is R3,000 per participant, which can be gathered by asking 30 friends and family each to commit to sponsor you R100 – one for each day of the Challenge. The amount you raise isn’t important – the commitment to the cause is what counts, so please don’t feel that if you can’t raise such a great sum of money that you shouldn’t take part.
Should you wish to participate, we will give you more information closer to the time, including details on the easiest way to raise funds and collect money, details of classes being held, including special guest teacher classes . Please let me know if you want to sign up to participate, or if you would like any more details.

We hope that you decide to join us in this wonderful event, which unites us in using our practice, our bodies and minds to help the children of South Africa.