There is a common philosophy at the root of all Pilates-based methods – it is less about what you do and more about how you do it. The method requires discipline within the movement and is specific to muscle. Pilates has become essential within the medical profession proving that good alignment and body use create overall strength. At YogaWay each class is small, ensuring the teacher is able to instruct and guide the individual. Our Pilates teachers have a deep anatomical knowledge and we receive referrals from surgeons for both pre and post operative conditions. We take private clients if that is preferable, particularly if we are working within a rehab structure. And remember, with Pilates, knowledge is power – knowing and understanding how your body works, and how to help your body be, the best your body can be.

Beginners Yoga

A solid foundation is critical when embarking on your Yoga journey. During these classes you will gain knowledge of how Yoga can benefit you physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be led step by step through each of the poses with explanations relating to their benefits and precautions. Correct alignment and breath will be taught in detail making it an ideal place to start for those without much or any experience. There will be gentle and easy sequencing and hands on adjustments to help you feel your way into each asana. Twice a year we will run our Yoga Fundamentals Course – this is with two teachers at every session so at all times you will have full guided instruction as well as hand-on physical adjustments. Please email Melissa@yogaway.co.za for details of next planned course.

Vinyasa Yoga

There are 56 asana (positions) within the Ashtanga Primary Sequence. Using these asana we can create a flowing, uplifting sequence. During the session we will cover some Pranayama (breath work) some forward bends, backward bends, balances, twists, some seated asana and some inversions. Vinyasa classes will have have music in the background as your teacher instructs and guides you through the poses. At the end of your session there will be a 5 minute Shavasasna (corpse pose) for you to still your mind and your breath,  adding to the meditative process of Yoga before re-entering the world. Each class is different and with some classes there will be a suggestion of an aspect of yoga philosophy at the beginning, for you to hold through your practice.

Pregnancy Yoga

Smooth pregnancy and a natural childbirth are just some of the benefits of yoga. But more importantly, yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of the foetus. At Yogaway, Harriet Came brings her Bloom Yoga classes into this gentle and nurturing Studio. Please contact her directly for details.

Pilates / Yoga Fusion

Develop strength, muscle tone, co-ordination, endurance and flexibility through a blended class of Pilates exercises interspersed with Yoga flow and stretches. Fusion classes combine elements from both disciplines in this unique method. Pilates adds a mindful fitness to Yoga and fusing these two disciplines makes for an optimal workout. As detailed options and variations are given thoughout, each class is appropriate for all levels of student.