Melissa Brake

A previous and repetitive neck injury sustained from dancing and then subsequent double back fusion surgery, led Melissa to Pilates to strengthen both her back and neck. The results and subsequent interest in the Pilates Method led to a teacher training in London. After relocating to Cape Town in 2001 Melissa opened a studio in Constantia, teaching private and group classes. She also began to practice Yoga and gained her Yoga Teachers Alliance Certificate with Jim Harrington. Combining elements of both Yoga and Pilates has become essential to Melissa’s own personal practice and for her teaching. Yogaway Yoga & Pilates Studio was born in 2007 from this desire. Melissa believes the strong core work from Pilates and the lengthening and stretching from Yoga is the foundation for a completely rounded training for the body. With this intention of understanding the individual body, Melissa hopes to create at Yogaway a place for you to re-connect and heal.

Erin Sprong

Erin has been teaching Yoga for the past 10 years during this time continuing to study and explore how the traditional practice of yoga can be applied to students in a way that encourages health within their bodies. Her passion is using Yoga to work with individuals who have issues that they are dealing with in a way that supports healing and wellness on both an emotional and physical level through the therapeutic application of movement and breath.