Teachers at Yogaway are specialised in various Yoga and Pilates disciplines. Group classes are small and we offer private classes in both Pilates and Yoga.

Melissa Brake

Melissa Brake Yogaway Studio Newlands Cape TownMelissa started her career as a dancer and an actress, working as a showgirl in nightclubs in Spain and Mallorca. A previous and repetitive neck injury sustained from dancing and then subsequent back fusion surgery, led Melissa to The Pilates Method to strengthen both her back and neck. Her interest in the Method and the results in her own body, eventually prompted a change in career, leading to a 6 month training at The Pilates Institute in London, where Melissa taught for 3 years before moving to South Africa in 2000. She then opened her own studio in Constantia which she ran for 4 years, teaching private and group classes. She continued to enhance her skills through various teaching courses with Stott Method and Body Control Pilates. During this time Melissa also began to practice Yoga with Jim Harrington and after 4 years went on to complete the Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers Alliance in 2005 with Jim, subsequently teaching at Karma Shala Studio.
Combining elements of both Yoga and Pilates has become essential to Melissa’s own personal practice and for her teaching both in group classes and for rehabilitation. She believes the strong core work from Pilates and the lengthening and stretching from Yoga is the foundation for a completely rounded training for the body. This intention, along with Pranyama, Meditation and an understanding of some of the teachings of the Sutra, creates a place in Yogaway for you to re-connect and heal your body, mind and heart.

Erin Sprong

Erin Sprong Yogaway Studio Newlands Cape TownErin’s yoga journey began four years ago after taking a Hatha yoga class at her local gym. She was immediately hooked and began practicing both at home and attending classes as often as possible. She completed her teacher training with Jim Harrington at Karma Shala in 2009 in Ashtanga yoga and has been teaching since. Erin is a gentle and nurturing teacher, who hopes to give students the space to deepen and expand their love of yoga leading to self-exploration. She has a wide knowledge of nutrition, which she uses to complement the yoga practice and add to the adoption a holistically healthy lifestyle. The form of yoga that Erin teaches and is passionate about is Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Classes are based around the Ashtanga sequence. Included are flowing sequences as well slower sequences where postures are held for longer periods. There is an emphasis on breath, and linking that with movement in order for the student to develop their practice into a moving meditation. Ultimately helping the student to reach a clearer, calmer state of mind.

Fran Seibrits


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.50.33 PMYou can breathe you can practice Yoga. This is Fran’s way of bridging the gap for people, creating understanding that yoga is about that connection with authenticity. Her passion and inspiration lie in the subtleties of the yoga practice. After many years of obliviously searching for connection and meaning – the travel bug and back pack days, studies and work in both Nature Conservation and Environmental Journalism – she finally arrived on a meditation cushion and then later to a yoga mat. Although she still has a dedicated physical practice, she focuses more on yoking with the energetic and mental bodies. Fran is the founder of Tuning In, helping others to tune in to themselves through healthy body and mind practices. The past few years of her life have been dedicated to acquiring the skills, confidence and wisdom to offer certain practices for a holistic and healthy approach to life. Fran’s training in yoga is a continuing process. Her teaching is based on integrating life-experience into her yoga practice, and integrating the practice back to life. In this way, yoga for her is a life choice… a lifestyle. Included in her formal training in the body and mind sciences not only is her yoga teaching qualification (which she completed through Ananda Sanga Educational Institute), but also pregnancy yoga, MYYO Technique (muscle trigger point release and yoga), Dorn Method (skeletal correction), Mindfulness Facilitation, Thai Yoga Massage, and Pilates. When she is not on the cushion, on the mat, or sharing her passion with others, she can be found on the mountain soaking up the natural beauty and energy – tuning in to herself and to the environment around her.

Harriet Came

Smooth pregnancy and a natural childbirth are just some of the benefits of yoga. But more importantly, yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of the foetus. At Yogaway, Harriet Came brings her Bloom Yoga classes into this gentle and nurturing Studio. Please contact her directly for details.

Cell: +27 (0)78 1075070

Email: harriet@bloomyoga.co.za